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Passion. Innovation. Trust.

TWENTY TWENTY was formed to manufacture masks at international standards. Aim to provide medical staff and health care workers a high standard of protective and comfortable professional surgical masks. 

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New Arrival ASTM F2100 Level 3

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ASTM Level 3 Water Electric Static 3D Mask

3 ply, BFE & VFE > 99%, Water Electric Static Meltblown, ISO 9001, ISO 13485,

Adult Size: 208mm x 80mm ( ± 5mm)

20 pcs / Box, 50 Boxes / Case (Individual Packs)

Pre-Order Now

Price (Box) include delivery
1000 – 9980 pcs (HK$1/pcs)
10000 – 23980 pcs (HK$0.9/pcs)
24000 pcs or above (HK$0.8/pcs)

In response to the changes in the global Medical Mask Market, we have strategically relocated our production house to China, since July 2021. Therefore, we are maintaining Twenty Twenty medical masks as a cost-competitive product at a high quality of protection and comfort level to our customers. Starting from our new edition of face mask product, named ‘Comfort Soft Air Edition’, Twenty Twenty Medical Mask is starting to manufacture in China.

RICHFIELD DYNAMIC has commissioned the manufacturing of our Twenty Twenty Medical Masks Products to one of the leading masks manufacturers in China, who is on the white list of enterprises for medical and no-medical masks published by the Ministry of Commerce of China, with CE qualification and FDA registered. It is an ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manufacturer (Medical Devices — Quality Management Systems). The medical masks also passed EN14683:2019 TYPE IIR, ASTM F2100-20 LEVEL 3, ISO 10993-1 & ISO 10993-5:2009 (Biological Evaluation & Vitro Cytotoxicity) standard requirements and BFE, PFE ≥ 99%. Most importantly, RICHFIELD DYNAMIC doing whatever it takes to maintain professional quality management with Hong Kong standards by delegating onsite professional Quality Control. All Twenty Twenty Medical Mask manufacturing have met our brand quality control procedures strictly just as it was manufactured in HK.
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The Manufactory was established as a workshop on face masks in 1998. When the disposable product market became increasingly diversified and consolidated, The Manufactory determined to meet the broader needs of worldwide clients. They are specializing in respirators, disposable protective apparel, and accessories for occupational safety and healthcare industries. 


The Manufactory is based in Hubei, China, a High Tech Expertise with more than 10 patents recognized by the Chinese government. Currently, they work with over 800 employees, including 160 senior workers, 590 technical workers, and 50 international trade professionals.


The Manufactory has been certified by Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485, got product certification of CE, FDA, TYPE 3/4/5/6, FFP 1/2/3, and other extension certificates.

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PIA AUTOMATION - Full automated disposable protective mask production line

PLANTECH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is PIA Automation Disposable Surgical Mask Production Line AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR in the area of Hong Kong SAR, China. PIA Automation - an international well-known automated production equipment manufacturer.


RICHFIELD DYNAMIC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is Gymda Medical Gloves AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR in the area of Hong Kong SAR, China. has the responsibility to promote, distribute, sale and offer technical assistance for the products of GYMDA Disposable Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves since September 2021.


Authorised Distributor: Plantech Technology Limited


About Gymda Medical Gloves

GYMDA established operations in 1993 with a goal of getting our clients’ products to market while exceeding their expectations. As we continue to grow, we remain focused on doing what we’ve done well for Medical Gloves

GYMDA’s Core Figure

60,000 m²
gloves and mask production hall

million pcs of gloves daily

automated glove production lines

years of experience in PPE gloves

ac of manufacturing park

international certifications

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