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Sterilized 3-ply Painted Surgical Masks (50 Pcs / Individual Pack)
Printed: White Cherry/White Pineapple/White Watermelon/White Strawberry
Size: 17 x 9.5 cm (Adult)
Third-party verified: BFE≥95%, PFE≥79%, Delta P≤1.9 (19Pa/cm²)
Fluid Resistance≥120mmHg, Flame Retardant
Standard: YY0469-2011
National Medical Products Administration
National Medical Device Product Registration No: 豫械注准20182140714
Packaging: Individual Packs, 50 Pcs / Box, 40 Boxes / Carton

​Order or Enquiry: 852 96968781 (WhatsApp / Call)

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