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10 pcs of 75% Ethanol Alcohol (Extra thick) Wet Wipes
10 pcs/no Fluorescent Agent/Food Grade Ethanol Alcohol/
Does Not Contain Toxic Benzene and Methanol/
Thickened & Enlarged (200 x 150mm)/Non-continuous Drawing Design,
Single Piece Per drawing/Skin-Friendly Formula/
Disinfection Product Registered
Standard: GB31640-2016
Third-party verified: Liquid content ≥ 1.7 times the standard,
no fluorescent agent, PH value 7.3,
Pass all sanitation index requirements, sterilization rate ≥ 99.95%
Disinfection Product Reg. no.: 浙卫消证字(2017)第0050号
Packaging: 10 Pcs / Pack, 10 Packs / Box, 24 Boxes / Carton

​Order or Enquiry: 852 96968781 (WhatsApp / Call)

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